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Ancient Forest Thai Pu'erh Tea

ชาป่าโบราณ (ผู่เอ๋อร์)

This rare tea is made from centuries-old wild tea trees in Northern Thailand. Ranging up to 900 years old, the trees of this ancient forest grow 3-6 meters (10-20 feet) tall. This premium wild tea is a local legend; the Pitakwawee family cared for the original trees and over time, the surrounding mountains and dynamic temperatures have produced the fragrant and delicious tea leaves, which can be aged for several decades. Each harvest, one bud and two leaves are plucked by hand from community members. Naturally low in caffeine, this raw pu'erh is aged on-site for at least one year. Net weight 1.6oz (22 servings, $1 per serving)

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Tasting Notes
  • Mushroom ・ Longan fruit ・ Umami seaweed
  • 2g Tea ・ 8oz Water ・ 200°F ・ 3min Steeping ・ Multiple infusions ・ 22 Servings (estimated)
  • Northern Thailand
  • Character
    wild ・ broadleaf ・ loose ・ earthy
  • Ingredients
    pu'erh tea
  • Harvest
  • Temperature
    18-28 degrees celsius
  • Altitude
    900 meters above sea level
  • Soil
    loam soil
  • Compost
    mushrooms ・ beans ・ organic manure
  • Certifications
    Halal (Thailand) ・ GAP (Asia)

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