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Soft Branch Thai Oolong Tea


This complex tea is unique in Thailand. After the introduction of oolong tea to the northern mountain communities, Mr. Pinich Pitakwawee visited Taiwan to find the original cultivar of soft branch oolong. Planted 40 years ago, Wawee is the first oolong garden in Thailand. An award-winning provincial tea, these plants are grown with homemade fertilizers without chemicals inputs alongside native flowers, which produces floral notes and a ripe fruit sweetness as the leaves unfurl with each steeping. Net weight 4oz (56 servings, $0.36 per serving)
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Tasting Notes
  • Orchid flower ・ Mulled apple cider ・ Clove ・ Sweet gingerbread cookie
  • 2g Tea ・ 8oz Water ・ 200°F ・ 3min Steeping ・ Multiple infusions ・ 56 Servings (estimated)
  • Northern Thailand
  • Character
    tight leaf nuggets ・ complex ・ soothing ・ floral
  • Ingredients
    oolong tea
  • Harvest
  • Temperature
    18-28 degrees celsius
  • Altitude
    900 meters above sea level
  • Soil
    loam soil
  • Compost
    mushrooms ・ beans ・ organic manure
  • Certifications
    Halal (Thailand) ・ GAP (Asia)

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