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Winter Harvest Thai Green Tea


This refined green tea is grown without pesticides and harvested by hand. The 30-year old tea bushes thrive in a terraced garden surrounded by mountains in Northern Thailand. Grown alongside native flowers, these pan-fired leaves take on a floral aroma with a soft flavor of tropical fruits. Made from unoxidized, lightly-processed leaves, this tea has a lightly sweet flavor, clean aftertaste and bright green-yellow brew. Lower in caffeine than black or oolong tea, this winter harvest tea is perfect as your daily cup. Net weight 1.6oz (22 servings, $0.73 per serving)
Regular price 16.00
Tasting Notes
  • Gooseberry ・ Orchids ・ Tobacco leaf ・ Passion fruit
  • 2g Tea ・ 8oz Water ・ 175°F ・ 4min Steeping ・ Single infusion ・ 22 Servings (estimated)
  • Northern Thailand
  • Character
    twisted ・ longleaf ・ soft ・ well-rounded
  • Ingredients
    green tea
  • Harvest
  • Temperature
    18-28 degrees celsius
  • Altitude
    900 meters above sea level
  • Soil
    loam soil
  • Compost
    mushrooms ・ beans ・ organic manure
  • Certifications
    Halal (Thailand) ・ GAP (Asia)

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