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Our mission, what we aspire to do, is to send a message of a way of life through our company.  Now is the time to relearn how to connect with ourselves and our world and we believe that tea culture - taking a moment out of our lives to slow down and brew, drink, and share tea - is one way to do this. We are proud to offer you this delicious tea sourced directly from our friends in Thailand and available exclusively from Open Heart Tea Company. These leaves tell a story of community farming, mindfulness, and the celebration of centuries-old traditions. We hope that you will be inspired to enjoy and share a pot with your friends and family.

About Us

We are three friends who share a mutual love of tea, community, and conversation. We came together through a series of auspicious coincidences with the inspiration to source rare, high quality teas from around the world through direct trade partnerships of mutual benefit to the communities that they come from and the customers that they serve.

Anthony Miller

 Anthony Miller is the CEO/co-founder of Open Heart Tea Company.  Following degrees in Philosophy and Religion from Boston University, Anthony attended culinary school in Cambridge, MA, graduating with a professional chef's certification.  After owning a personal chef business, Anthony was the chef/owner of two successful restaurants in the heart of the booming high tech/bio tech area of Cambridge, MA.  Anthony's inspiration for starting OHTC comes from Sakyong Mipham's message of promoting sanity, dignity, and interpersonal connection through the culture of tea.

Brighid O'Keane

Brighid O'Keane is a co-founder of Open Heart Tea Company, where she brings together her love of tea and relationships with Thai farmers. Since 2003, Brighid has lived and worked in solidarity with community organizers in Northeastern Thailand. As a board member of the Educational Network for Global & Grassroots Exchange (ENGAGE), she has organized speaking tours for Thai farmers and activists, and has worked with the Alternative Agriculture Network of Thailand to open markets for Thai organic fair-trade rice in the U.S. Brighid's interest in tea began in 2006 as a tea-tender and educator in San Francisco, where she also studied Chado tea tradition and developed a custom herbal blend for the Dali Lama. In partnership with close friends, Brighid opened Wong Nam Cha (วงน้ำชา  "Circle of Tea"), a donation-based tea house and community center in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Inspired by the connection that sipping tea leads to, they saw the potential to create space for "tea and the art of aesthetic dialogue" as a vehicle to encourage conversation, art, music, and the exchange of ideas. When Brighid met Hooy and her family in Northern Thailand, she felt an immediate connection to the family, village, the delicious tea and its story, and knew this was the perfect tea for Open Heart. Brighid is an advisory board member of the American Specialty Tea Alliance, with the mission to represent and grow interest in specialty tea through education and community.

Brian Duncan

Brian Duncan is a co-founder of Open Heart Tea Company.  His first introduction to tea culture came while living and volunteering in Dharamsala, India where salty butter tea was the order of the day during the cold winter months.  It was there that he experienced the power of tea culture to create community and open hearts through the simple act of brewing and sharing a cup of tea. Upon returning to the United States, Brian spent several years studying Shambhala Buddhism at Karmê Chöling and began his career in organizational leadership, serving as the Director of HR and Chief of Staff.  After  leaving Karme Choling and completing his MBA, Brian had the good fortune to travel with the Head of the Shambhala Lineage, where, amongst many other things, he deepened his understanding of tea and tea culture.  It was also during this time that Brian and Anthony first began discussing the idea of going into business together.  Brian's open heart is in social entrepreneurship and creating sustainable companies that do good work. OHTC is the place that work begins now.